Netflix is really upping their game here in Canada with their uploads. I ventured onto Netflix Canada after weeks of neglect and saw that a new anime was uploaded. Ajin: Demi-Humans was a new upload and from just the screen picture I was intrigued. The title was vaguely familiar (it is an adaptation of a manga) and when I researched the manga I realized I had come across it in the past.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as the animation was different from what I’m used to with anime. It had the anime quality of art, but it almost looked CGI. It was computer animated but not fully 3D. I’ve raved about 3D animation in anime in another one of my blogs, (refer to THE ART OF 3D ANIMATION) and so my interest was piqued. I started on episode one, with low expectations but the excitement that comes with starting a new anime series. As a side not, I’m not really into the horror genre of anime, I did watch Tokyo Ghoul and loved it, but there were certain elements that made me uncomfortable and and cringe (I’m referring to Tanaki’s torture which frankly makes everyone uncomfortable).

As a short summary of what Ajin is about; there are non-human, rare beings called Ajin’s who are basically immortal but who are people except they don’t die. What I mean by this is that they look human, they talk human, they have emotions like human, the only difference between them and “normal” humans is that they are immortal. Because Ajin’s are so rare, they are hunted by the government and feared by the world. When one is identified they are captured for experimentation. The show follows a young teenage Ajin named Kei who doesn’t know he is an Ajin until he gets into a fatal car crash and finds out. Kei spends the series running from the government and a “pro-ajin terrorist group” led by an Ajin named Mr. Sato as he is hunted. Kei also happens to be something called a “variant”. Variants are able to materialize a black ghost, called an IBM and Kei is able to create this black ghost, which sort of acts like his personal protector/shield in times of need. I won’t spoil too much of the shows plot, because it’s good, but I’ll just say that I noticed a lot of parallels between this show and Tokyo Ghoul.

So you have this young boy realize he is inhumane, like Tanaki, he meets others just like him, oh hey Tanaki too, this poor kid gets captured and brutally tortured, sounds familiar and basically such extreme torture that no one deserves least of all an innocent kid who just wants to be left alone and live peacefully. Every time I think back to Tanaki’s torture I get sad and it’s been months since the season ended. I need season 3 to happen so bad. I’m pretty sure I’ll never get over it. Kei and Tanaki are similar, but also very different. Kei is frankly, a jerk. He’s selfish and looks out for himself. He did get better at the end but for the most part he’s not into helping others. However, this makes him a fascinating character because he even knows this about himself and addresses it as his character. But then there’s actual character growth! It’s actually very exciting when that happens for a character because it gives them depth. I really liked that about Kei.

As the for the rest of the characters, they’re great. I really loved Kei’s childhood friend Kai, who for the first part of the series aided Kei in his escape. I’m serious I would kill for a friend like Kai. He was willing to risk his own normal human life to help Kei and Kei realized this and had to leave him. I wish he was in it till the end, or at least made an appearance at the end of the series. The villains are very interesting. So they’re kind of split. You have the government villains and the Ajin terrorist villains. However, two villainous characters, Tosaki and the female Ajin sort of seem like decent people for a while. They work for the government or some sort of Ajin commission and though are after Kei, they don’t seem like they want to resort to extreme violent measures. I wasn’t even sure that they were the bad guys until Tosaki went crazy with wanting to capture and experiment on Ajin’s. So the Ajin terrorists (not they’re actual name just what I’m calling them)are these group of Ajin’s, lead by Sato to stop oppression of Ajin’s but use violence to do so. It was also Sato’s fault that Kei was captured and tortured. Honestly I had so much trouble watching the torture episode(s). But yeah, very interesting characters.

So I loved this show. Way more than I thought I would. Like I said I had no expectations going into it because I am unfamiliar with the manga, with the plot, and the animation threw me off. But I loved the animation so much. It was so fitting. I tried to imagine this show in standard anime style animation where the characters are drawn and outlined, and it wouldn’t have had the same effect. The black ghosts being in this strange 2D CGI animation made them come to life and it gave them dimension and great shape in their movements. Also I was able to appreciate the beauty of the characters in this style because they were all actually beautiful. The shape of their eyes and even just the facial movements were stunning. It also helps that the opening was bomb af. You know how I’m a sucker for a catchy anime op and this one, accompanied with he beautiful visuals was A+++.

I highly, HIGHLY recommend this show. It’s only one season, 13 episodes, really short. I watched it in the span of 24 hours so it’s quick. I look forward to a season 2.


SUCCESS: Bxerblog is Caught Up



GUYS I DID IT! I can’t even believe it myself I am so happy and pleased with myself! It’s official, I am up to date on One Piece, I am all caught up with the series. I am now forced to watch episodes week by week as they are released. I never thought this day would come. No joke. It seemed so hopeless that I would be able to start from literally episode 1 of the series and make it before the series would be finished. Thank Oda, he has not decided to conclude the show in the time that it took me to get caught up.

This feels like a huge accomplishment to me. Others will probably argue how sad it is, pathetic even that I wasted over a year of my life getting up to date on a show that has 700+ episodes and many many specials and movies. My brother calculated that with this many episodes, all being about 25 minutes, it means that I spend 9 whole days watching this show. This is 9 24/hour days. That is the calculation.

I think I’ll do a short recap of my experience for you. The worst parts, the best parts and so on. As I’ve previously mentioned in my blog post “Catching up Quick” I said how I took a break from the series for a while. To be precise, I took off maybe six months in all where I didn’t watch any episodes. This includes the summer and all that time I had a social life and school that I had to deal with. I was struggling to get through certain arcs, and I decided to stop watching for a bit so that I could hopefully get once again motivated to continue on. I had the most trouble getting through Thriller Bark and Fishman Island. Moriah I hated as a villain, and he was really annoying. It was also especially difficult because I knew how close I was getting to the Straw Hats separating for two years followed by Ace’s death. This made me very nervous. As for Fishman Island, Shirahoshi was the worsttttttt. Ugh she was so whiny and pathetic and awful. Of course the whole arc was tragic and I loved how big of a role Shinbei played and even the epic battle where the Straw Hats finally get involved to fight against Hody was great but still. It was very long.

However, my pace quickened drastically with the help of Law. Oh Law. He is wonderful. He is beautiful and everything about him is fantastic. His powers are fantastic, his fashion is fantastic and that freakin awesome alliance with Luffy is the best. So I was zipping through Punk Hazard. It was also crazy sad. I’m pretty into One Piece pulling on my heartstrings. It shows me that I’m still 100% committed to this show and that I have such a connection to the characters. Oda knows whats up. I think it may have taken me less than a month to get through all of Punk Hazard because it was so engaging.

And of course theres the Dressrosa arc. I was SO excited for this one. Ever since I saw that Sabo was being introduced (I was probably at like Amazon Lily arc at that point), I was thrilled and eager to get to that arc. I also did watch the intro Wake Up just to see him in it (Version 2). And oh my god was I not disappointed. Freakin Sabo is badass. He reunited with Luffy and I swear I re-watched that scene at least three times before moving on. When he finally got Ace’s Mera-Mera fruit I was practically jumping out of my seat. And when Sabo was facing off with Issho and tells him that if Luffy every needs help, no matter where he is as his brother he’ll come running no matter his position and it flashed back to Sabo finding out about Ace’s death, and his total breakdown, I cried. I have yet to watch the Sabo special but I’m really hoping that it shows Sabo dealing with the death. I will be watching Sabo’s episode and 3D2Y hopefully this weekend.

What I didn’t like; Some of those filler arcs were painful to get through. I was forcing myself. Oh the arcs that were the One Piece and Toriko crossovers! That was so bad for me. I watched the first one, but then there was the one that also had Goku in it, I gave up. Totally skipped it. The only episodes I can confidently say I skipped over were the crossover ones. I even watched the Foxy pirates and the Spa Island arc. Those were awful and so pointless.

Loved; Law’s story. Wow was it incredible. I knew it would be good, I knew I would like Corazon. But MAN. I LOVE Corazon. I freakin want more of Corazon and wish he was alive. He’s a damn hero and no wonder Law literally wants to give his life for this man. There’s something about certain characters voice’s for me. The voice actors for certain characters, when they are screaming and crying it just makes my heart ache. It hurts me. Which is crazy to think but it’s true. This goes for Luffy of course when he’s holding dead Ace in his arms and he just breaks down. I was bawling. Luffy’s voice actor just brings it out of me. And it goes the same for Law. At least for little Law. When Corazon dies and his power over sound lifts off of Law and you can finally hear him cry it is just heartbreaking.

Characters; Hate Boa Hancock. I’m sorry I know. But she’s so frustrating. I really don’t like how obsessively in love she is with Luffy. I do love how he gives no shits about her romantically, but still. Calm down. Love Law, Bartolomeo, even freakin Cavendish. Loving the introduction of new pirates. New pirates that like Luffy and are on his side even for a short time is amazing. Also, in Dressrosa, when the coloseum contestants who were turned into toys become normal again (including but not limited to Cavendish, Chinjoa and his sons, Hack, Hajrudin etc.) basically Luffy’s band of freaks was hilarious. They’re all so damn thankful that they’re back to normal and that a member of Luffy’s grew God Usopp saved their asses that they have all sworn to kill Doflamingo as thanks. I was dying of laughter. They looked like a band of clowns.

What I’m looking forward to. Oh that’s hard. I don’t know. I don’t read the manga so I don’t know for certain what’s to come. I know about Zo a bit and the tribe of animal human hybrids, something about Nami and Sanji maybe getting kidnapped. But I think there’s still a way to go with Dressrosa. Luffy hasn’t even started fighting Doflamingo yet. I’m looking forward to being surprised. And to getting to experience it all as it comes.

Infinity Dreams Award



Thanks Mat-In-The-Hat for the nomination! Sorry it’s so late, been dealing with school life!


List seven dreams. (They can be personal or website related.)
Nominate other bloggers/authors/dogs for this award and notify them.

My 7 dreams are:

  1. I want to take a spontaneous trip somewhere interesting alone. No plan, just a ticket to the location and back. I’ve been thinking recently either Norway or Banff Nation Park in Alberta.

2. To move cities, have a killer apartment with my best friend and love my job all in the next 3 or four years.

3. I want to fall in love. Or just meet someone amazing and have this incredible romantic relationship with them.

4. I want a puppy.

5. I want Sea World and the like to be permanently shut down and make to illegal to capture animals and forcibly train them to perform stupid tricks in a tiny enclosed space. It’s abuse and slavery.

6. I want to be more confident. I have not yet figured out how to do it but I’d really like to figure it out soon.

7. And finally I’d like to win the lottery. That would be pretty awesome.

As for my nominees:

Grady P Brown



Eric Carlson “The awoke surfer”

Catching Up Quick



Oh boy. So let me start off by saying that a year later, I have less than 100 episodes left of One Piece. After a solid six month break from the series, then I took a few months off this past summer, but I have officially continued from where I left off.

Made it past the time skip which I was super anxious for and I was awaiting the reunion of the Straw Hats. Finished Punk Hazard within a few weeks and Now I’m in the Dress Rosa Arc. I kid you not, I have been waiting SO LONG for Law. I’m obsessed with him, I love him so damn much. He’s freakin’ awesome. The whole Punk Hazard Arc was brilliant. I knew of the Straw Hats alliance with Law before I started that arc but I really had no idea what was the deal with Caesar and what he was really doing. The hardest part about One Piece I think is that every time there is a new awful villain, I think to myself; ‘well this guy is the worst’. Started with Foxy the Silver Fox from the Long Ring Long Land Arc, I was convinced he was the worst. Then there was Moriah from Thriller Bark, who I loathed. Uch he was awful. Of course there’s Balckbeard who I will forever detest with every fibre of my being because of what he did to Ace. Caesar was awful! A real sicko madman. Disgusting of him performing experiments on those kids. But now I’ve got Doflamingo to deal with. Oh man, I just know he’s a horrible person. I have so much hate for these villains.

Dress Rosa has been great so far.


I am currently on episode 650. Luffy just won his round for the tournament, we’ve already discovered that Ace’s Mera Mera Fruit is the prize and we also know what’s really going on in Dress Rosa. Namely, that this devil fruit user Sugar is turning humans into toys. Don’t know yet why, but its crazy. And then there’s Sabo. I’m so excited for him. It’s going to be amazing. I did spoil it for myself when the episode first came out, just the scene where he and Luffy are reunited and it’s beautiful and I know I’m going to cry. I also know that Sabo does get Ace’s devil fruit ability, which is brilliant.

So many exciting things are ahead, but I really just wanted to give a shout out to my two new favourite characters who I am feigning over. First and foremost there is Trafalgar Law. God he is the best. His voice is wonderful, smooth and cool. He was totally nuts when he’s first introduced in Punk Hazard and when he becomes  Warlord I was sure that he was evil like the others. But alas, he’s not. His power is also amazing. I love his Room ability. For those who don’t know, when he activates his Room power, he can control anything and anyone in this forcefield and can separate their limbs with ease (and without actually hurting anyone). He can also have people switch bodies, which I do admit was annoying.

And lastly there is Bartolomeo. He is so weird and so annoying and cocky. At first I was so confused with him. What was his deal. But I did know that for some reason he is a fan of Luffy. Turns out he is next level obsessive fan. He is literally a fan girl. It’s amazing. There’s a moment in one episode where Luffy runs past Bartolomeo and he totally geeks out. He doesn’t even know how to talk to Luffy. I was cracking up laughing. I’m so pleased with his character.

Thought I would give an update on where I am before I get completely caught up with the series. I’m giving myself until January to be caught up. I want to get on track before episodes start coming in every week again. The series I’m pretty sure is on a break at the moment, so this is the perfect time for me to binge-watch.

The Art of 3D Animation


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I’m starting to see that 3D animation is the newest and coolest style of film to date. Frankly, 3D animation is in a whole other league of regular anime/cartoon or CGI animated films and it’s making a statement in 2015 and is coming in hard. I know I’m a little late on this bandwagon and that the films I’ll be referring to are from 2014 and even older, but I feel that they encompass what animation should be in 2015 and perfectly demonstrates and shows off the advancement in technology for animation.

Generally speaking, any form of animation has a reputation of being immature and childish. Obviously this is wrong because anime’s and 3D animated films are showing me more originality and visual beauty than any Hollywood film has in a long time.

Above are just a few stills and close-ups that show the incredible detail and design that went into the animation of each character and each of their features. It’s amazing. And yes, that cyborg has a 8-pack and pecks.

The first two top pictures are from the movie Appleseed Alpha, one of four movies based on the manga Appleseed. The plot and storyline varies a bit from each film and they are all a little different from the original manga as well. The backstory of how Briarios became a cyborg is never really clear and it changes from each movie. Deunan and Briarios both fought in the World War III apocalyptic war that resulted in the earth being mostly in ruins and people and cyborgs fighting to survive. We can assume that in this war, Briarios suffered injuries and damage so severe that his only option for survival was for him to be made into this cyborg. In Alpha, Deunan and Briarios are two soldier partners who live in a ruin and desolate version of New York City working for the “ruler” of the city, a cyborg named Two Horns. Deunan and Bri have a debt to Two Harns that is never explained, but it is clear that they needed him in order to survive after the war. On what is supposed to be their final mission, they come across a human, Iris and her cyborg companion, Olson. The two are on a great mission to destroy a massive weapon. Iris later says that she is on her way to the utopian city of Olympus, that is said to be inexistent and a myth. Deunan, Bri, Olson and Iris venture together to accomplish this mission.

As I watched the film, I fell in love with the relationship between Deunan and Bri. They have been lovers and partners since the war, and before Bri was a cyborg and I loved that through it all Deunan still loves him the same way. They both protect each other and care for each. I also really appreciated that Deunan was a strong female character who could fight and protect herself.

I would say that is was my first real 3D animated Japanese film. The detail and incredible design of each character blew my mind. I watched the movie with my dad who is in no way a fan of anime or 3D animated films and so I was really impressed when both he and my 16 year old brother were interested in watching the movie. My dad could not believe the detailing of Deunan’s hair. In a scene similar to the first picture, the group was outside after battling some cyborgs and my dad could not get over how Deunan’s hair moved in the wind. He said how incredibly lifelike it was. You could see each individual hair move and it was wonderful. For me, the moment that amazed me most was when there was a close-up of Iris’s face. Deunan looks like she is a Caucasian American women, based on her speech and physique. Iris on the other hand looks to be of Asian heritage. She is petit, her skin is a different shade and her eyes are slimmer and lips are plumper than Deunan’s. Iris’s skin is smooth and clear and you could see every eyebrow hair and eyelash. They are both beautiful but they look like two different people of different heritage and background.

The second movie that I will discuss I watched on Netflix. I had stumbled upon Space Pirate Captain Harlock months ago but because today I was itching to watch another 3D animated film besides Appleseed I decided to give it a go. I didn’t like it as much as Alpha but I still found it interesting and visually appealing. The picture above is of captain Harlock who is an immortal captain for the Acadia pirate ship. After a huge war, the earth became a sanctuary that was too small to house the entire human population. It was decided that no one would live there as a result. Harlock discovered a way to turn back time to before the war and change it so that it never happens and people can go back to living on the earth.

What really blew my mind and forced my to pause the film and throw my hand into the air was during a close-up of Harlock’s face towards the end of the movie. As it zoomed into his eyes you could see the lines in his skin and the wrinkles at his eyes. WRINKLES! Seriously though, WTF. It looks like if you zoom into the face of any real hollywood celebrity in a movie. That’s how real. You would think he was a real person.

The movie was relatively dark and it went perfectly with Harlock’s mysterious and cool character. My favourite moments of the movie were when he would be exiting a room. As he turned to leave he would swish his entire cape as he turned. #Flawless. He looked bad-ass as hell. I also really loved his fight scenes. The way he glided his sword through the air as it pierced his enemies was beautiful to watch. The visual effects were outstanding, honestly.

Overall, both films were a dream to watch. Visually gorgeous and un-real. To see how far animation has come and how detailed it is that it can now mimic such specific facial feasters as wrinkles and skin pores is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I sincerely think that anime and 3D animation as a whole are incredibly under-appreciated and don’t get the respect that they deserve. Japanese animation is known for being incredible and as a regular in watching anime, I know how beautiful they can be. But watching these movie has really shown me how developed and advanced animation has become in the last few years and it’s incredible and beautiful.

Movie Review – The Good The Bad and The Ugly


A classic film is like a piece of cinematic history. It’s a movie that everyone’s kind of heard of, the name is familiar and it makes you say in response; oh yeah I’ve totally heard of it. Some people might even go as far as saying that they’ve seen it even if they haven’t. You know, because it’s a classic and so they might feel embarrassed to have never seen this movie even though it has this reputation of being a ‘classic’. This is true for dozens of ‘classic’ films. To name a few; Pulp Fiction, Maltese Falcon, Animal House the list is endless.

You might say, well what defines a ‘classic’ film? Sure, people might think differently about what defines a classic movie. I feel the universal definition would be something like; a movie that’s relatively old (maybe a film popular when our parents were kids), it had an impact on movie-goers and defined a generation or was unique and one of a kind. It’s something that you’ve never seen in a movie and so it’s new and interesting. Whether it’s the camera angles that are different or the lighting schemes or just the concept as a whole.

The good the bad and the ugly was impressive for its intense and extreme close ups and long shots which director Sergio Leone made himself known for emphasizing. That and the accompanying music in his Spaghetti Westerns.

The term ‘Spaghetti Western’, which I’ve just learnt, is to describe western movies with Italian directors, most notably, Sergio Leone who directed classic westerns like the good the bad and he ugly and a fistful of dollars. Though the movie is considered an American Classic western, besides the three main characters, everyone else is originally speaking in Italian and were later dubbed in English. Interesting enough, Leone was known for never filming with dialogue. He edited all speech afterwards.

Look at me imparting knowledge!

I’ve never really been into western films, I’ve seen a few; True Grit (the remake), Django Unchained (also remake) but I’ve heard only good things about the westerns Clint Eastwood did in his youth. And oh boy he did not disappoint! Let me just start off by saying that he was FINE. Like DAMN Clint Eastwood you hot! I was in awe. No exaggeration. I took way more snapchat pictures of his beautiful rugged face than necessary. Considering it wasn’t necessary at all. I couldn’t look away.

The film really focused on three characters; the good (Clint Eastwood), the bad (Lee Van Cleef) and the ugly (Eli Wallach) who were all on a mission to find the buried treasure of a dead soldier. The good and ugly join forces for a brief time even after countless betrayals on both sides. But oh man Clint Eastwood was good looking.

The movie was silly, exciting and sad at times too. I was really impressed with how much I enjoyed the movie. The finale included a typical shoot out between the three main characters and I loved how the camera varied from extreme close ups of the men’s faces and gun sling to crazy wide shots where you could barely distinguish who was who. The tension was rising and good ol Clint was the first to react.

I was cool as hell the whole movie, doing his signature Clint Eastwood squint, smoking a cigar and the camera constantly and purposefully zoomed in on him at those moments. I loved it.

The good the bad and the ugly is definitely what I would call a ‘classic’. It was brilliant, beautiful and accompanied by music that just gets your heart beating faster.

Movie Review – Big Hero 6



Big Hero 6. A long awaited Disney movie that was originally a Marvel comic. As I sat in the theatre eagerly waiting for the movie to start, (having to deal with a shit-ton of commercials and trailers might I add), I had a gut feeling that this would be a tear-jerker movie. I’ve said it before, I’m not a huge crier, but I do tend to cry during movies. Many of the movies I do cry in happen to be pixar/dreamworks/sony films. To say the least, I figured I would cry.

I did not, however, think I would cry during the short film before the actual movie started. For some reason, it just got to me and hit me right in the feels. It was called Feast and it basically followed the life of a dog named Winston, starting from his rescue as a puppy throughout his life with his master. Winston reunites his heart-broken master to the women he loves, they get married, have a kid etc. etc. When Winston brings the young lovers back together, I could feel the tears welling up. It really hit me hard when Winston was getting his meal of dog food, and a meatball rolls over to him. Winston follows the trail to a baby seat where a cute little baby is dropping food to him. Then we see the baby growing up and the adorableness of a baby-dog relationship is born. I was bawling.

My overall opinion of Big Hero 6? Amazing. Glorious. Hysterical. I plan on seeing it over and over again, eventually buying it when it comes out on DVD and all that jazz.

Big Hero 6 follows a young genius named Hiro, who, dedicates his time to “Bot fighting” until his older brother Tadashi introduces him to a world of science and engineering. After the death of his older brother in a fire and explosion, Hiro sinks into depression. Baymax, a robotic nurse that Tadashi created helps Hiro to deal with his grief. With the help of a team of scientist-nerds and Baymax, Hiro chases down the villain who caused Tadashi’s death and stole his invention.

There are dozens of things that I loved about the movie, but one thing to note is that I noticed is that though we had the typical family members of the hero dead theme that Disney loves, like Up, we actually got to meet and get to know Hiro’s older brother Tadashi before he died. I was surprised by this personally, mostly because the trailer didn’t give that away. The trailer made it seem like the audience would already know that Tadashi was dead when the movie started. I was very pleased with this, it gave Tadashi some depth as a character. This is also rare in a Disney film because usually the dead relatives are already dead before the movie. The only example I could think of that follows Big Hero 6 in this theme, is Up. I think that’s what makes the death of family and loved ones so much more tragic in these two films. And frankly, it gets everyone crying because we get to know the character.

I thought it was also very interesting that we got to see a character deal with grief. Tadashi’s death wasn’t something that Hiro was able to get over right away, it followed him through the movie, constantly reminding us and him how hard it is to lose someone you love. It was very real in that sense and I found it very relatable and important that the movie dealt with depression.

There has been a big hype on the internet about the diversity of in race the characters of Big Hero 6. Frankly it was perfect. Each character was unique and totally relatable and had these incredible personalities that made them great. The member of the Big Hero 6, besides Hiro and Baymax were actually Tadashi’s close friends who went to school with him. My favourites were probably Wasabi, Go Go and of course Baymax. Wasabi was voiced by one of my favourite comedic actors, Damon Wayans Jr. Most famous for his role in New Girl as Coach and Brad in Happy Endings. He’s brilliant and always hilarious. Go Go was a total bad-ass. Like definition of a bad-ass bitch. She was tough, strong, independent and kicked ass in a fight. We of course needed the weird, kinda dim crazy guy and we had Fred for that. He wasn’t a scientist, but he was hilarious. Total comic-book type nerd, into sci-fi and aliens. He brought the laughs thats for sure. I also really loved that the Big Hero 6 were basically made up of geniuses. They weren’t a super hero team just about brawn and supernatural powers, they were smart and used their own science tech and inventions as part of their weaponry and used it to their advantage. They were all thinkers and I think that’s what makes them a strong team and a force to be reckoned with. I look forward to more movies including the Big Hero 6.

My favourite part of the movie was probably the scene montage of the team getting into gear and trying out weaponry based on their scientific abilities. It was really entertaining. And I also really love a good movie montage. It warms my heart and gives me goosebumps.

I highly suggest seeing this movie. It was incredible. Disney really did it justice. There were tears, laughs, goose-bumps, a perfect movie.